Life Science
Physical Science Earth Science
Changes in Earth's Surface
BrainPop Jr. Parts of a Plant
BBC Changing States Brainpop Erosion
BrainPop Jr., Plant Life Cycle
BBC Characteristics of Materials Brainpop Volcanoes
BrainPop Jr. Soil BBC Gases Around Us Brainpop Weathering
Growing Plants Game
BBC Solids and  Liquids BrainPop Jr. Landforms
Life Cycle of a Plant Game
States of Matter
BrainPop Jr. Slow Land Changes
The Great Plant Escape BrainPop Matter Changing States Enchanted Learning Volcanoes
Parts of a Flower
BrainPop States of Matter Volcano Lab
How Plants Grow Game Solid, Liquid, Gas Interactive Landforms Glossary

BrainPop Jr. Changing States of Matter
An Earth Changing Erosion Activity

BrainPop Jr. Physical and Chemical Changes
Earthquakes for Kids

BrainPop Jr. Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Types of Volcanoes

Force and Motion
Materials of the Earth
             Animals - General 

BrainPop Jr. Animals BrainPop Buoyancy Brainpop Rock Cycle
BrainPop Jr. Camouflage BrainPop Force Brainpop Types of Rocks
BrainPop Jr. Classifying Animals Brain Pop Newton's Laws BrainPop Jr. Rocks and Minerals
Animals - Vertebrates BrainPop Jr. Magnets BrainPop Jr. Soil
San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes BrainPop Jr. Pushes and Pulls How Ice Cracks Rock
Busch Gardens Animal Bytes BrainPop Jr. Simple Machines The Rock Cycle
Animal Omnibus BrainPop Jr. Sink or Float Rock Cycle Game
Animal Adaptations BrainPop Jr. Gravity
How Rocks Change
Animal Games Forces and Movement Rock Cycle Animation
How Animals Meet Their Needs Game
Forces in Action Metamorphic Rock Formation
Camouflage Activity
Gravity Launch

A Touch of Class Game
Grouping Animals
Simple Machines Game

Animal Classification
Forces and Motion Game

Animals Sounds Game

Mammal Maker Game

Animal Idol Game

       African Animals  Energy 

African Animals Facts
BrainPop Current Electricity
BrainPop Weather and Climate Videos
African Animals Coloring BrainPop Electricity BrainPop Jr. Water Cycle
African Animals Maze Game
BrainPop Energy Sources Study Jams Water Cycle
Active Wild African Animals
BrainPop Forms of Energy Evaporation and Condensation
African Animals Game
BrainPop Jr. Heat Energy
Water Cycle Interactive
Games African Animals
BrainPop Jr. Light EnergyThe Water Cycle
BrainPop Electric Circuits
Types of Clouds

Circuits and Conductors Study Jams Clouds
Animal Teeth Electric Circuits
Water Current and Electric Current
Interactive Weather Maker
Study Jams Weather and Climate
Teeth How Shocking
Unscramble the Clouds
Teeth and Eating
Wild Weather Adventure Game
Types of Teeth
Using Electricity Weatherlizard Game
Teeth and Eating #2
How Do We Make Electricity?
Wild Weather

Changing Circuits
Climate Time Machine

Tornado Maker Game
         Australian Animals   Sound
Australian Animals
BrainPop Sound Study Jams Seasons
Unique Australian Animals
BrainPop Jr. Sound Seasons
Kangaroos Make a Note BrainPop Seasons
Koala Links Science of Sound Video
BrainPop Jr. Seasons
The Koala New York Philharmonic Instruments
Dress Sid for the Weather
Zoom Australian Animals New York Philharmonic Game Room

Australian Animal Facts
Changing Sounds

Discovery Kids Australian Animals
Get An Earful Sound Game

Australian Animals Activity Village
How Hearing Works

Australian Animals Quiz
How Sound Reaches You

Space Science Health Science
       Bats  Planets Bones and Muscles
Animal Bytes: Bats BrainPop Jr Solar System
Brain Pop - Broken Bones
Bat Facts
BrainPop-Solar System BrainPop-Muscles
Bat Echolocation Explore the Planets
Brain Pop -Skeleton
Bats, Bats, Bats
Planet Pop- up Game
Bones Quiz
Bats Are Cool
Solar System Game Muscles Movie
Soar With Bats
Star Child Build a Skeleton
Incredible Bats
NASA Space Place Games Skeletal System Games
How Planets Move in Orbits
Whack a Bone Game
The Story of Echo the Bat
Spacequake Game
Mr. Bones Game
Bat Crossword Puzzles
Solar System Maker GameBrainPop Jr. Muscles

Insects/Spiders  Sun/Moon/Stars  Food Groups
Brain Pop - Insects
BrainPop Jr. Space Movies
BrainPop Jr. Food Groups
Creepy Crawlie Club Brain Pop Milky Way
Take a Trip: Food Groups
BrainPop Ants
Brain Pop - Sun Food Group Games
Insect and Bugs Activities Brain Pop - Stars Food Groups Game
Insect Coloring Book BrainPop Phases of the Moon Blast Off Choose Your Foods Game
Build a Bug
Brain Pop - Moon My Plate Match Game
Insect Hunt
Constellation Myths
Am I An Insect?
BrainPop Constellations

Insecteresting Game
Full Moon to New Moon
Insect Generator Game
Moon Phases
       Polar Animals  
Game: Moon Phases Challenge

Fun Penguin Facts
Tour of the Sun BrainPop Jr. Health Movies
Penguin Facts
Windows to the Universe Healthy Habits Games
Save the Egg Game

Health Games -Allergies, Body, Dental, Fitness
Polar Bears

Arctic Animal Memory Game

Arctic Animals

       Prehistoric  Animals General Science
Fossils for Kids
Bill Nye, The Science Guy
BrainPop Jr. Fossils
Extreme Science
Mastodon Information American Museum of Natural History - Ology

Mastodon Printout Interactive Sites for Science Education

Dinosaur Bones
Turtle Diary Science Games for PK-5th Grade

Dinosaur Cove
Ology - Science for Kids

Build a Dinosaur
Kids Planet - All About Animals

Dinosaur Maker Game

       Rainforest Animals 

All About Rainforests

Brain Pop - Rainforest

Journey Into Amazonia

Jungle Journey Game

Life in the Rainforest

Live from the Rainforest

Rainforest Animals Links


Fun Facts About Reptiles and Amphibians

Frogs Vs. Toads

Frogs and Toads

San Diego Zoo Amphibians


San Diego Zoo Reptiles


        Food Chains

Brain Pop Food Chains

BrainPop Jr. Food Chain

Chain Reaction Food Chain Game

Food Web Game

Meadow, Arctic, Pond Food Chains

Woodland, River, Seashore Food Chains

Producer, Consumer, Decomposer Game

The Food Chain Game

Animal Diet Game

Food Chains

Ocean Food Web

      Life Cycles

Life Cycles Games

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle Game

Frog Life Cycle Game

Frog Life Cycle

Parrot Life Cycle



Brain Pop - Deserts

BrainPop Jr. Desert Habitat

Desert Habitat Game

The Desert

All About Deserts


BrainPop Jr. Arctic Habitats

BrainPop Jr. Freshwater Habitats

BrainPop Jr. Rainforest Habitat

Habitat Maker Game

Human and Animal Habitats Game

Habitats Sort

Build a Habitat

Design a Panda Habitat


All About Oceans

BrainPop Jr. Ocean Habitats

What is an Ocean Habitat?

PBS Kratt's Ocean Habitat

Create an Animal Ocean


Ponds and Lakes

Virtual Pond Dip

What is a Pond Habitat?

Pond Animals Game

The Pond Habitat Game

All About Ponds