Panda Hunt
by NancyRiggs
Candor Elementary School

Use these internet sites to hunt for information about pandas.
See live pandas through the panda cam at the San Diego Zoo.
 Panda Cam

Go to Zoom School and read all about pandas.
 Zoom School

More great panda videos and information.

Wild Pandas

 Watch these video clips of a panda eating.
 Panda Videos

See pictures of the growth and changes of a baby panda named Mei Sheng. As you scroll down the page, you will see pictures of him at a younger and younger age.
 Baby Panda Growth

Look at this map to see how the panda population has changed over the years.

Print out and complete the panda quiz.
 Panda Quiz

Find out about red pandas at these sites.
 Red Panda Information
 Red Pandas
 Red Panda Videos
Updated 3/7/14