It's A Grand Old Flag
An internet hunt about the history of the American flag.
By Nancy Riggs
Candor Elementary School
 Our American Flag
1.   How many stripes are there on today's flag?
2.   What do the stripes represent?
3.   How many stars are on the flag?
4.   What do the stars represent?
5.   When are new stars added?

 Flag History
  6.  On what date did the stars and stripes become the official flag of the United States?
  7.  How many stars are on the first flag?
  8.  How many states were represented by the first flag?
  9. Who designed the 13 star flag?

10. For how many years was the 13 star flag used?
11. Who was the only president to serve under the 13 star flag?
12.  What is the official national anthem?
13.  Which state was represented by the 28th star?

 The First American Flag
14.  What does the red, white, and blue of the flag represent?
15. Who was chosen to make the flag?

16.  Why are the stars in a circle?
17.  Where is the first flag?
18.  Why is the flag called "Old Glory"?

 The Star Spangled Banner
19.  Who wrote our national anthem?
20.  When did he write it?
21.  What fort was the flag flying over?
22.  How many stars and stripes did this Star Spangled Banner have?
23.  Why?
24.  How large was the flag that flew over the fort?
25.  Why was it so large?
26.  How wide was each stripe?
27.  How wide was each star?
28. Where is this flag kept now?

 Flag Picture Gallery
29.  What was the name of the flag with the number 76 on it?
30.  When was it used?
31.  When did we have a flag with 15 stripes and 15 stars? 
32.  When was it decided to go back to 13 stripes?
33.  In what year was the Grand Star Flag made?

 Flag Etiquette
34.  How do you fold a flag correctly?

 Flag Trivia
35.  When would you fly a flag upside down?
36.  What does it mean?
37.  What is done with worn out flags?
38.  What is a vexillologist?