First Grade Links
Candor Elementary School

Letter Recognition Alphabetical Order 
Phonemic Awareness
Upper and Lower Case Match Alphabetical Order
Alphabet Match
Letter Blox
ABCD Watermelon
ABC Match

Word Plant
Phoneme Pop
Rhyming Dot to Dot ABCs
Lanolin's Greenhouse
Reggie Rhymes Missing Letter
Fuzzy Lion Ears
Rhyming Game Word Order
Clifford's Sound Match

Picture Match
Frog's Rhyming Machine
Mouse Skills
Underwater Adventures
River Rhyming
Bees and Honey Game
Deep Sea Phonics
Garfield's Rhyming Game
Mini Mouse
Fishing with Garfield

Bobby's Bakery
Garfield's Chicken Coop

Garfield's Hay Loft

Garfield's Pumpkin Patch

Garfield's Pigs

Vowel Sounds
CVC Words
Starfall Vowels
Pounce Cluster Buster
Chicken Stacker Road to Reading Blending Game
Garfield's Mix and Match Game CVC Pop
Consonant Blending
Picture Hunt Long A Drag and Drop Blending Bowl
Picture Hunt Long O Let's Make Words
The Pig Waller
Word Family Sort Picture Match
The Hay Loft
Long and Short Vowel Sort

Bowling Alley
Short Vowel Practice

Long Vowel ai
Sequencing Words
Long Vowel ea
Picture Sequencing
What's in the Bag?
Long Vowel ee
Out of Order
Matching Sight Words
Long Vowel oa
Schoolhouse Scramble
Sight Word Bingo

Sight Word Recognition

Dolch Word Practice

Spelling City
Simple Sentences
Learn to Read
Spelling Bee
Picture the Sentences
It's Fun to Read
Spelling Match
Sentence Unscramble
I'm Reading
Make Sentences
Reading Comprehension stories and games
School Bus Spelling Game

Garfield's Story Books
Spelling Practice Sight Words
Ziggety Zoom Stories


The Counting Game
What Comes Next?
Addition with Manipulatives
How Many Fish?
Bugabaloo Addition
Missing Numbers
Number Sequences
Adding Bricks
Great Day for Number Lines
Pattern Player
Seashell Search
Counting 11-30
Numerical Order
Number Bingo Interactive Hundred Number Chart
Big Yellow Bus Math Game
Fruit Splat Counting
Moon Rock Patterns
Fruit Splat Addition
Fruit Splat Skip Counting
Starfall Patterns
Penguin Party Addition
Fruit Splat Odd Even
Dog Bone Number Pattern
Matching Addition

Seahorse Chronicles
Balloon Pop Addition

School Fish Pattern Game
Math Fact Basketball

Place Value
Catch Ten
Shapes Splat Busy Bees
Base Ten Game
Day at the Beach
Place Value Safari
Shapes Fun With Fireflies
Fruit Splat Place Value
Loading Shapes
Subtraction Bowling
Scooter Quest Jr.
BrainPop Jr. Plane Shapes
Subtraction Harvest
Base Ten Fun
BrainPop Jr. Solid Shapes
Pearl Search Subtraction
Base Ten Bingo
Shape Construction
Fruit Splat Subtraction
Place Value to 100
Starfall Shapes
Subtraction Matching
Number Detective
Shape Recognition
Math Fact Basketball

Comparing Numbers
Mucky Monsters More or Less
Fruit Fall Graphing
Fruit Splat Coins
Greater Than, Less Than
Counting Objects Bar Graph Matching Money
Raceway Number Values Interpreting Graphs
Learning Coins
Balloon Pop Smallest to Largest
Fuzz Bugs Graphing
Money Bingo
Compare 2 Numbers
Jelly Bean Graph
Counting Coins

Lots of Math Games
On Time
Fractions Tutorial
K-1 Math Games
Clock Shoot
Matching Fractions
Spacey Math
Time Travel
Fraction Golf
Turtle Diary Math Games
Analog to Digital Time
Fractions: Parts of a Set

Tick Tock Time
Virtual Fraction Tiles

Morning, Afternoon, or Night
BrainPop Jr. Parts of a Whole

Clock Talk
Cross the River Fraction Matching

updated 9/8/16